Bourne out of endless drinking mishaps, spilled wine on a new carpet. Kids knocking their sodas over running through the living room, while leaving a trail of liquid all over the carpet. Couch CaddyTMM is designed to fit and be invisible between your couch cushions.

When you want to use it – just pull Couch CaddyTM out from your couch cushions and when you’re done, push Couch CaddyTM back into the couch cushions, simple!

Enjoy your family night, game night or a movie night with no mess, no spills and no more stained carpets.

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How CouchCaddyTM works…

Step 1

Insert top of Couch Caddy™ between seat cushion and couch base.

Step 2

Couch Caddy™ is made of a flexible, weighted, BPA free ABS plastic with polished smooth design (17.5″ / 45cm in length), and provides optimum support and integrity for your drink. It’s the perfect hidden secret to holding your drinks.

Step 3

Insert wine glass, cup or mug.

When you’re finished, push Couch Caddy™ back into couch or pull Couch Caddy™ out from the couch to use again!

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    DESIGN PATENT #D842,657 • UTILITY PATENT #10,945,531
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