The Spill Proof Drink Holder Caddy for Cups, Beer & Wine Glassware, Coffee Cups and More

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Bourne out of endless drinking mishaps, spilled wine on a new carpet. Kids knocking their sodas over running through the living room, while leaving a trail of liquid all over the carpet. Couch CaddyTMM is designed to fit and be invisible between your couch cushions.

When you want to use it – just pull Couch CaddyTM out from your couch cushions and when you’re done, push Couch CaddyTM back into the couch cushions, simple!

Enjoy your family night, game night or a movie night with no mess, no spills and no more stained carpets.

Fits most drinkware : Glassware, mugs, cups, tumblers (incorporating a clever slot for cup handles) while the tab adapters supplied creates a snug fit for smaller drink-ware like bottles and cans up to 2.60” / 6.6 cm wide.

CouchCaddy with Wine

Close-up of Wine Couch Caddy demonstration

RedCup CouchCaddy

CouchCaddy Look and Feel

Alternative Use for CouchCaddy

CouchCaddy for a Chair

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